Not having an online store means you are losing an opportunity to extra dimes? According to statistic, online sales will account up to $5 trillion in 2018. Who would miss to get a slice of this revenue? Of course, no one would lose such a golden opportunity. Nevertheless, to qualify and become a beneficiary, you need an e-commerce website or an online store. Just a site and your good to go without any hustle! Wow. You think so? Continue living in a world of imaginations. The reality is that your online store or website must be unique. Also, you have to invest in marketing and above all build it on a reliable e-commerce platform. As you start out here are some of the best such platforms:

a.    Spree Commerce

Do you have some knowledge of Ruby and Rail coding language? If your answer is yes to this, you are good to go.  Also, if you have the funds to hire an expert with this knowledge, this is your platform. This platform uses the stated coding language to help you develop a unique e-commerce website that stands out from the crowd. Spree is an open source which offers you an opportunity to customize your web depending on the needs and preferences of your customers. Also, you get a backup of more than 1000 community members who walk with you through the web development journey.

b.    Magento Open Source

This platform is part of the Magneto brands that offer you a chance to enjoy freedom in building a wooing e-commerce website. The platform comes with an array of features that enable you to come up with a unique site that everyone will love. Also, it has add-ons that enhance the navigability and payment processing on your website. Lastly, it is search engine optimized as well as contain other essential elements to help you to market your business online. Thus, it is a goyod e-commerce platform for launching your first online business.

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c.     osCommerce

If you do not fit on the Spree Commerce and Magento Open Source, osCommerce is a viable alternative. This platform comes with more than 800 integrations to enhance your site building. Being the oldest open source platform, it boasts of having an active community that enables you to sail through the site development stage without many hurdles. Above all, the platform has App Marketplace which is a preparation for current and future integrations.

Now it is your time to decide the best open source e-commerce platform to build your first online store on.

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